Softbinator Labs 2022

Softbinator Labs gives you the opportunity to kick-start your career, while learning from our experts for 5 weeks. You can apply for the free courses offered by Softbinator until the 30th of January. The program was specially developed by our team for students who want to expand their talents and reach the next level. Want to know more?

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About the last edition

We followed a method that helps as many students as possible to get in touch with technologies that they will use in future jobs. These courses start from basic knowledge in order to bring all participants to the same level. Depending on each technology, we will move on to more advanced concepts such as: frameworks (Spring, .Net Core, Entity Framework, React and Angular), security, Git, DevOps.

We enjoyed the experience offered by this program with 57 participants and our mentors. After 5 weeks full of knowledge and positive energy, the students developed projects guided by the mentors.

They were all certified with a degree for successfully completing the courses and immediately introduced to the HR department for a technical interview. The candidates with the best results, 13 of all the students, received a Software Engineer position within Softbinator Technologies

General requirements

Are you passionate about technology? Are you a university or masters student at a technical university? Are you located in Bucharest? Are you an advanced English speaker? If you tick all the boxes, you must apply now and start your career path at Softbinator!

You'll need:
- Experience with algorithms & data structures;
- Experience with Java 8+ & Java Web Frameworks (preferably Spring Framework, Spring boot is a plus);
- Experience with Relational Databases, preferably MySQL;
- Experience with any NoSQL database is a plus.

You'll need:
- Knowledge of algorithms, data structures & REST APIs;
- Experience with .Net, C#, Entity Framework;
- Experience with Relational Databases;
- Experience with any NoSQL database is a plus;
- Nice to have: Cloud experience.

You'll need:
- Strong understanding of JavaScript;
- Basic understanding of web markup, including HTML and CSS;
- Good understanding of Angular/React;
- Good understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX, browser rendering behavior and performance.

You’ll need:
- Experience with algorithms & data structures;
- Knowledge of basic Blockchain concepts (types of blockchains, networks);
- Experience with JavaScript, React is a plus;
- Knowledge of cryptography is a plus.

You'll need:
- Basic knowledge of HTTP requests;
- Basic knowledge of web elements;
- Basic knowledge of Java / OOP languages;
- Medium english read/write skills.

What are the steps?

  • Apply to the Softbinator Labs 2022
    Deadline: 30th of January.
  • Feedback
    Don’t worry! You will receive an email with feedback until 11th of February. If you are approved you will be notified.
  • Start the program
    The start date is the 14th of February and takes place until the 21th of March
  • Examination → Project & HR interview
    Between 25th of March - 4th of April you will have the examination and the HR interview.
  • Final Decision
    If all goes well with your interview, we will send you an offer to join our team as a Software Engineer until 11th of April.